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Lanterna Research Group 2022
Anabel Lanterna

Dr Anabel Lanterna

Group Leader

Anabel is an Assistant Professor in the School of Chemistry at the University of Nottingham, UK.

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Ryan Whitehead

Ryan Whitehead

PhD candidate

Light-responsive heterogeneous metal-semiconductor materials for organic transformations

Ryan joined the group as a PhD student in April 2021, studying light-responsive heterogeneous metal-semiconductor materials for organic transformations. He received his MSci in Chemistry in 2019 from the University of Nottingham, after completing his final year research supervised by Prof. Woodward. When outside of the Lab, Ryan enjoys his free time woodworking to make various pieces of furniture, practising historical sabre fencing, or occasionally hiking in various National Parks.

Pekka Korhonen

Pekka Korhonen

PhD candidate

MOFs for photocatalytic CO2 reutilisation

Pekka is a student in the CDT in Sustainable Chemistry and joined the Lanterna group in July 2021. Pekka’s PhD project concentrates on metal-organic framework-supported metal clusters for photocatalytic CO2 reutilisation and it is co-supervised by Andrea Laybourn, James O’Shea, and Elena Besley. Pekka is originally from Finland and received his Master’s degree in Chemistry at the University of Eastern Finland in 2019 under the supervision of Prof. Mika Suvanto and Dr. Niko Kinnunen. On his free time, he likes to go for long walks, play guitar, travel and sometimes go to the pub for a pint.

PhD student

Hamza Ali

PhD candidate

 Heterogeneous photocatalysis for visible-light driven fine chemical synthesis in continuous flow

Hamza is a PhD student in the CDT in Sustainable Chemistry and joined the Lanterna group in October 2021. Hamza’s PhD project concentrates on preparing heterogeneous photocatalysts for continuous flow and developing self-optimisation processes. His project is co-supervised by Dr Karen Robertson (Fac. of Engineering).

Abstract Futuristic Background


2022 - 2023

Elsa Iacono - MSci Student

Sarah Joyce - MSci Student

2021 - 2022

Joseph Parkinson - MSci Student

Jack Wells - MSci Student

Sheyran Patel - MSci Student

2020 - 2021

Mateusz Suchodol - MSci Student

Caitlin Loveys - MSci Student

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