Our group is focussed on the rational design of heterogeneous photocatalysts based on earth-abundant, inexpensive and stable materials for applications in sustainable chemistry and H₂ generation. Our interests range from developing fundamental knowledge about the structure-activity relationship to materials design for potential large-scale applications.

Selected Publications

Mechanistic Insights on the Semihydrogenation of Alkynes over Different Nanostructured Photocatalysts
Highly Electrophilic Titania Hole as a Versatile and Efficient Photochemical Free Radical Source
Catalytic farming: reaction rotation extends catalyst performance
Expanding the Color Space in the Two-Color Heterogeneous Photocatalysis of Ullmann C–C Coupling Reactions
Tunable Photocatalytic Activity of Palladium-Decorated TiO2: Non Hydrogen -Mediated Hydrogenation or Isomerization of BenzylSubstituted Alkenes
Heterogeneous Photocatalytic Click Chemistry

Dr. Anabel Lanterna

Group leader

Assistant Professor, University of Nottingham.


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